About Us

Combustion Cycles was established in 2003 and quickly became the Triangle’s source for motorcycle and scooter service and repair. Not long after opening, Combustion earned its North Carolina Motor Vehicle Dealer‘s license and began selling new and used motorcycles and scooters. Since then, tens of thousands of customers have bought their bikes from and/or had their bikes maintained and repaired by Combustion. We are very grateful for the support of our community and we try to give back every day.

Many people have worked at Combustion Cycles over the years and there are thousands of stories to tell. Here are the folks working at Combustion now, and a little bit about them:


Dave, Owner, Mechanic

Dave started Combustion Cycles after realizing that he was more interested in the practical applications of his Chemistry and Physics degrees than he was in the abstract theories. An excellent mechanic and an avid rider, Dave lives and breathes motorcycles.

John Y, Sales and Service Associate

John is usually the first person you meet at Combustion Cycles. A capable, task-oriented person, he can answer your questions and organize whatever service or repair you may need. He also can help you find the right bike or scooter for you!

Earl, Mechanic

An experienced 30-year motorcycle mechanic, Earl joined us in 2017 after working for Malcolm Smith Motorsports in California. Earl is up to date on the newer machines. Earl has great pride in his work and a genuine concern for the customer, and these both show in his quality workmanship.

John B, Mechanic

John is an electronics wiz, and excellent with his hands, he is semi-retired but working part time with us and part time as a network service technician.

Corinne, Shop Steward

Corinne handles the daily tasks of loading/unloading bikes, bike check-ins, performing scooter PDI’s, general tasks and housekeeping. She likes to stay busy! She is an avid cyclist and likes to workout.

Dave P, Technician in training

Though he is still learning, Dave has a good mechanical background and is very thorough. He is getting faster by the day. He enjoys a well regimented work environment.