Symba 100

Timeless Classic Style

Part of the attraction is certainly the classic retro design which is spot on. The SYM Symba 100 is a “Cub” style motorcycle built to be stylish, fuel efficient and appealing.


Powered by a 101cc 4 stroke engine, the Symba is super efficient and reliable. The engine is matched with a 4 speed semi-auto box, meaning gear shifts are performed without a clutch.


Big wheels mean big handling. The 17” wheels just cruise over most of the nasty stuff without transmitting the worst of it through the rider so the Symba invariably goes where you want it to go.


The brakes all-round are 110 mm drums and the wheel combination is 17 inch spoked rims, front and rear. The front brake is activated through the use of the right hand lever and the rear by the use of your right foot, motorcycle style.

Fuel Economy

With an estimated fuel economy of 100 MPG and fuel capacity of 1.08 gallons, the Symba 100 has extremely low fuel consumption and is environmentally conscious. What better way to help save our environment while saving your wallet.
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