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Combustion Cycles is your ONLY source for the Carb Reposter!
Our original design, made of CNC machined billet aluminum will never fail. Don’t be fooled by wobbly, stamped sheet metal imitations! It is removable for future carb cleanings and so the float valve and o-ring can be serviced. It duplicates exactly the factory float pin geometry. The float height will not change but you should always check your float heights, on all carbs. The Reposter will fit all brands of replacement float valve. The Reposter comes with a new float pin(GL1000 only), instructions, and requires no special tools, only a screwdriver. It taps into place and is retained by the factory screw or threaded float valve. It replaces BOTH float posts with sturdy billet aluminum! US Patent Pending. GL1000 Reposter
GL1000 Reposter
We now have THREE versions! The GL1000 Carb Reposter fits the Honda GL1000 Goldwing 1975 thru 1979. The GL1100 Carb Reposter fits GL1100 Goldwing from 1980 through 1983. The CB750 version fits 1969-1976 CB750K, 1975 CB750F0 and 1976 CB750F, including SANDCAST bikes!!!
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GL1000: $49.95 (as of 8/20/17 out of stock, we do not backorder)

GL1100: $49.95

CB750: $49.95

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The price is $49.95 plus $5.35 for USPS in the United States. Shipping outside the US is $23.95 USPS Small Flat Rate box. The price for 3 or more Reposters at a time is $44.95(and only one shipping charge!)

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Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Note: The GL1000 Carb Reposter also fits MANY of the small Kei(City) cars that Honda made in the late 1960 and early 1970’s!!
Kei Car applications MAY include (TN360 from serial #1300000), (A360 from serial number: 8020770), (N360 from serial number: 1452132), (LN360 from serial number: 5129299), (A600 from serial number: 5002464), (N600KA from serial number: 1500001), (N600 from serial number: 1033029), AZ600KA

Other bikes in development include Gl1200 CB750 DOHC CB900F CB900C CB1100F VT700C VT750C VT800C VF700C VF700F VF750C VF750F VF1000F VF1100C VF1100F

Suggestions and donor carbs for prototyping are welcome. Donors will receive a free Reposter! Just email us! Click here to email us!

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