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50cc Scooters – No License Required

Under NC laws, these scooters/mopeds can be operated by anyone over 16 years old. You have to wear a DOT approved helmet, maintain liability insurance, and display a valid moped/scooter tag.

Unable to get a driver’s license? Not required for scooters in NC!!!!

We make it easy to register a scooter at Combustion Cycles – Just bring your NC state ID OR Driver’s License. (If you don’t have an NC state ID, we can give you instructions on how to get one – it’s very easy.) You don’t have to go to the DMV at all! Once you’ve picked out your scooter and we are finalizing your paperwork, all you need to do is call or browse on your smartphone to get liability insurance coverage. We will issue a temp tag at point of sale, and mail you the permanent tag a few weeks later. That’s it! PARENTS- you can put your college student on a scooter with one phone call, it’s that easy!

Want to save money on gas? Our 50cc scooters are perfect for you. These bikes are also not slow-pokes. They can climb hills and easily keep up with street traffic. Also, you can expect to get upwards of 70MPG. Zip around town and save money while doing it.

You might consider giving up your car forever. Scroll down for used scooters(we usually have more than what’s showing here) Combustion Cycles is proud to retail only quality NAME BRAND Scooters! Our philosophy is simple- we only sell the stuff that WORKS. We have over a decade of experience- we’ve seen lots of scooter brands come and go. If we don’t stock it, it’s either rubbish that will leave you stranded, or it’s overvalued: Find out why we like the Genuine Buddy over the Honda Metropolitan (Honda Metro). All our scooters have a full 2 years of warranty coverage for both Parts AND Labor! Beware the cheap chinese disposable scooter! Don’t be left stranded by cheap scooters, check out our quality Genuine scooters today!

When you buy a scooter from Combustion Cycles we are HAPPY to show you how to drive in our large parking lot, to make sure you are safe before venturing out into traffic. Dave has taught hundreds of people how to ride!

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  1. Genuine Scooter Co – Buddy 50

    Love is in the details. And after one look at a Buddy 50, you’ll be ready for a serious commitment! This vintage-inspired scooter comes in a variety of retro colors yet has plenty of modern...
  2. Genuine Scooter Co- Roughhouse 50

    Built for Adventure! You asked for a set of wheels that’s tough, practical, sporty and fun. We delivered the Roughhouse 50! The Roughhouse 50 combines proven durability with penny-pinching 100mpg† economy, generous under seat storage,...

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USED scooters: Please take note–this inventory moves quickly and is not always up to date, please call us at 919-688-5009 for current inventory!

  1. 2005 Yamaha Vino 50 USED, fast!

    The Yamaha Vino was “the standard” for years! This one has a Leo Vince brand upgrade exhaust pipe. 9k miles, runs great with rebuilt motor. $1195
  2. 2009 Yamaha Vino 50, used, good condition!

    White with tan accents. 11k miles, runs great, fully serviced, ready to go! The Vino has a 4 stroke engine with water cooling for trouble free riding. Fuel economy is around 90mpg. $1495
  3. 2007 Vespa LX50 Yellow, VGC!

    This is a bike that we frequently have in stock, the Vespa LX50! It’s a classy machine, with excellent fit and finish details, impeccable styling, and long term reliability.
  4. 2010 Honda Metropolitan Scooter, used for sale

    This is an example of a scooter we FREQUENTLY have for sale used. Prices vary between $1200 and $1800 usually, and our inventory changes rapidly, so call us for current stock. Thanks!