Combustion Cycles sells tires! Our prices are competitive with the internet AND you don’t have to lug the tires around before bringing your bike in! You’ll save $10 per wheel on labor if you buy the tire from us AND we will price match! If we don’t have the type or size you need, we can order it for you in 1-2 biz days with free shipping. Brands we carry: Bridgestone, Michelin, Shinko, Avon, Continental, and more.

Example Tire Prices:(We have lots more than just these in stock)

  • Shinko 777 170/80-15 Rear Tire Only $112
  • Continental Motion 190/50-17 Rear Tire Only $119.95
  • Bridgestone T30 Sport Touring tire 160/60-17 Rear Only $129.99
  • Continental Motion 120/70-17 Front Tire Only $79.95

Tire Labor:(Tire purchased here)

  • Front Tire Change: $40
  • Rear Tire Change: $56
  • Scooter Front Tire Change: $30
  • Scooter Rear Tire Change: $40

Wheel off the bike:(Tire purchased here)

  • Motorcycle wheel tire change: $25
  • Scooter wheel tire change: $15