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Fiddle II 125


If you looking for best urban commuting solution with best aesthetics, then the SYM Fiddle 125 should definitely be on your list. She is sleek, chic, and neat, with classic European retro styling and alluring personality– the Fiddle II really looks the part.


Maximum horsepower is at 8.38 with a top speed of 59 mph. Acceleration is smooth and continuous with a steady flow of power that serves it purpose. She’s perfect not only for getting around town, but also for fast, smooth-flowing traffic on suburban roads.


Braking is achieved through sport tuned front 190mm disc brakes and rear 110mm drum brakes with 3.5-10” front and rear wheels. Used together, the brakes stop the scooter fast with an extremely short braking distance and excellent control on any kind of road surface.

Fuel Economy

With an estimated fuel economy of 90 MPG with a fuel capacity of 1.32 gallons, the Fiddle II has extremely low fuel consumption and is environmentally conscious. Help save our environment while saving your wallet. Find out more about the SYM Fiddle II 125