Home DIY – Do it yourself!

DIY – Do it yourself!

We have resources for the Do-it-yourselfer! Shop owner Dave started out as a DIY, so we appreciate what it’s like to be on a budget and still want to get things done. We are happy to sell parts to DIY’s, and we can price match the internet on most OEM or aftermarket items.

Our service department keeps lots of fussy little parts on hand like a bolt/nut, dowel pin, crush washer, clip, connector, bulb, pin, etc. Bring in what you need and we can probably match it up for you so you can keep working instead of waiting on the UPS man!

Search our entire on hand inventory here:(PDF download) Inventory

We keep a lot of gaskets and gasket sets in stock. Call us with an OEM part number or we can look it up for you.

We have a thousand motion pro cables in stock. Look up your bike at motionpro.com and call us with the motion pro part number.

You can buy our bulk engine oil at discount prices if you bring your own container, and if you are buying oil from us you can dispose your old oil here as well! We have 10W40 in mineral or synthetic at several dollars less than the retail price of a quart size.

We do component repair (off the bike) so you can save the R&R labor. Bring us your worn parts and we’ll hand them back to you rebuilt and ready to install! Examples include: Brake components, suspension(forks and shocks), starters, cylinders and cylinder heads, carbs, tires/wheel bearings, and lots more!

If in doubt, call or email us!

Tried and failed? Don’t worry, we won’t make fun of you, it happens. Bring us everything and we’ll make it right. Please understand that if you bring us a project bike we are not able to commit to an upfront quote, or a timeframe. Thanks!