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2013 Yamaha WR250R, Lo Mi, VGC!!

SOLD!!!! Good as new!!! Save some bucks- avoid that Yamaha financing! Well known as an agile and tidy package, the WR250R has a great following with riders that actually DO want to leave the road. The 250cc engine is fuel injected and potent, with 28HP on tap in the stock configuration. Big bore kits are available! With a 21″ front tire you are ready for trail riding! You’ll get great gas mileage (expect about 70mpg with normal riding) AND have all the fun you can handle off road. Ours already has the stator recall done for you. For a review see here: https://rideapart.com/articles/rideapart-review-yamaha-wr250r Come and see!! $5186 plus applicable fees. Financing available with qualified credit! Combustion Cycles 911-C East Trinity Avenue Durham, NC 27704 IMG_20150717_144112255 IMG_20150717_144203592 IMG_20150717_144256106 IMG_20150717_144316021 IMG_20150717_144334992_HDR IMG_20150717_144350583 IMG_20150717_144355561 IMG_20150717_144405076 IMG_20150717_144412219