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2013 EX300 Ninja 300 —ABS Brakes!—5000 miles!

SOLD!!!! This little Ninja is perfect for getting started in motorcycling! Ours has ample power for the freeway, has anti-lock brakes, and looks just like a fullsize sportbike! These bikes really do handle well and are a blast to drive, even for a seasoned biker! This bike has enough power that you won’t get bored after a few months and want a bigger bike! Come and see! The mileage is low, at 4900 miles!! $3995! Financing available with qualified credit! Our website is http://www.combustioncycles.com —There you can find directions, shop info, other bikes for sale, etc Combustion Cycles 911-C East Trinity Avenue Durham, NC 27704 Keywords: Ninja EX300 EX300BDFA ABS Special Edition EX300B EX250 CBR250 CBR250R CBR300 CBR300R
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